England postpones all non-urgent operations amid coronavirus outbreak

England postpones all non-urgent operations amid coronavirus outbreak
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England on Tuesday announced all nonessential operations would be delayed beginning in mid-April to prepare for an increase in patients due to the coronavirus.

The measures set by the National Health Service (NHS) in England said the emergency policy would be in effect from April 15 for at least three months, according to the BBC.

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said postponing routine surgery would aid in expanding the critical care capacity to maximize space for patients affected by the virus, freeing up 30,000 hospital beds.


Reports from the British government's chief scientific adviser said it would be a "good outcome" if 20,000 or fewer people died from COVID-19.

Stevens said health services are working in conjunction with community services to "unblock" discharge processes to allow more space for people affected by the virus as officials prepare for "the likely influx of more coronavirus patients".

The health system in England currently has around 7,000 ventilators reserved for patients but is looking to up this number to 12,000, Stevens said.

The NHS in Scotland will implement emergency measures such as doubling the number of intensive care beds along with postponing nonessential operations, Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said.

The NHS measures came out following the advisement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to avoid all nonessential travel, a rule in place for 30 days that is subject to renewal.