Norwegians face fines of $2K for ignoring quarantine

Norwegians face fines of $2K for ignoring quarantine
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Norwegian officials are reportedly fining residents the equivalent of $2,000 for breaches of home quarantine orders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Forbes reported that violations of the quarantine orders, which affect citizens thought to have contracted the disease, now result in fines of 20,000 kroner, as well as a possible 15-day jail sentence. Possible violations include using public transport, going to work or entering public spaces where social distancing is difficult.

Another violation being enforced with fines is an order to remain at a primary residence, rather than a country home, which is meant to prevent rural health services from being overwhelmed. Violators can be fined about $1,500 for staying in a residence outside their home municipality and can also face a potential 10-day jail sentence.

Norway's top police official said that the coronavirus outbreak “requires that criminal justice measures be used to help reduce the spread of the virus," according to Forbes.

The outbreak has sickened more than 204,000 people around the world, including more than 1,400 in Norway itself. Norwegian officials have banned travelers from visiting the country and reportedly extended home quarantine orders to anyone who recently arrived from the neighboring countries of Finland and Sweden.