Sundance requiring vaccines for 2022 festival

Sundance requiring vaccines for 2022 festival

The Sundance Film Festival announced that it is requiring attendees to be vaccinated for its 2022 festival. 

Sundance Festival Director Tabitha Jackson said in a news release Tuesday that all participants must be fully vaccinated to attend the festival and Sundance-affiliated events, saying that they are providing this information now to ensure that all attendees will feel comfortable. 

Jackson also said that the organization will be sharing more information about health precautions before the start of the festival, including theater capacity along with information on mask-wearing, according to the news release. 


“The soul of Sundance has always been in the coming together of a community: around new voices, new work, new forms, and new perspectives. During last year’s Festival, even when denied the chance to gather in a single place, the power of converging in a single moment was undeniable,” Jackson said in the statement. 

“We were able to expand the possibility of who could take part. And as we prepare for 2022, we remain committed to this invitation to new audiences.”

The famed film festival held its annual screening virtually earlier this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Associated Press reported.

The 2022 Sundance Film Festival is set to hold in-person screenings from Jan. 20-30 in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.