House panel advances Russia sanctions without IMF language

The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday approved a Ukraine aid and Russia sanctions bill on a bipartisan voice vote.

The bill, which is slated for a House floor vote later this week, does not contain controversial language on the International Monetary Fund that is being sought by the White House.

The bill grants $8 million in security aid to Ukraine, less than the $100 million provided by a rival Senate bill that contains the IMF language. It also adds $10 million in funds for US broadcasting to the region and expands the criteria for Russia sanctions compared to what the Obama administration has announced.

During the markup, lawmakers added Russian officials who engage in corruption to the sanctions list.

The three-hour debate on the bill featured a lively exchange in which GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.) defended Russia and Rep. Alan GraysonAlan Mark GraysonFlorida's Darren Soto fends off DemĀ challenge fromĀ Alan Grayson Live results: Arizona and Florida hold primaries The Hill's Morning Report: Frustration mounts as Republicans blow up tax message MORE (D-Fla.) argued for a less forceful response to Russia's annexation of Crimea.