Jihadists to Westerners: 'Feel the happiness'

A new video promoting an Islamic extremist group shows a group of English-speaking jihadists trying to recruit other Westerners.

At least five fighters are seen sitting in a wooded area in the 13-minute-long video, and the black flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is visible.  

"All my brothers, come to jihad," one fighter, identified as British, says to the camera. "Feel the honor we are feeling, feel the happiness that we are feeling."


"We have brothers from Bangladesh, from Iraq, from Cambodia, Australia, UK," another fighter says, who is also identified as British. A third fighter who addresses the camera is identified as Australian.

While it’s unclear where exactly the video was recorded, the jihadists allude to the “land of Sham,” which is a phrase used to describe Syria.

"We have participated in battles in Sham, and we will go to Iraq and fight there in a few days," one of the British fighters says.

According to NBC News, the video was uploaded to an English-language Twitter account for the group Al Hayet, which isn’t formally associated with ISIS. ISIS does, however, promote Al Hayet on its social media accounts.

The video comes as the Obama administration has stepped up its response to ISIS militants gaining ground in Iraq.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) warned this week about the threat of Westerners joining these jihadi groups and returning to the U.S.

Federal officials arrested and charged two Texas-area men on Wednesday on terrorism-based charges. One was arrested before boarding a plane bound for Europe. According to the Justice Department, he was trying to hook up with terrorists based in Syria. 

In May, the U.S. determined that a U.S. citizen was responsible for committing a suicide bombing in Syria.