US embassy warns of terror threat

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda warned Americans in the country that it received information about a specific terror threat to the Entebbe International Airport on Thursday night.  

The information came from the Uganda police force about an "unknown terrorist group," according to the embassy in the capital of Kampala, about 20 miles from Entebbe. 


"Individuals planning travel through the airport this evening may want to review their plans in light of this information," the embassy wrote. 

It reminded U.S. citizens about the continued terror threat in the country to other shopping, hotel and restaurant locations. 

The warning comes after the Department of Homeland Security called on the Transportation Security Administration to implement "enhanced security measures" at overseas airports with direct flights to the United States. 

Earlier this week, Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove expressed concern about a separate possible threat from U.S. or European passport holders flying from Syria.