Poll: Obama enjoys greater confidence abroad than at home

Nearly six in 10 people around the world express confidence in President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden on Bob Dole: 'among the greatest of the Greatest Generation' Moving beyond the era of American exceptionalism The bully who pulls the levers of Trump's mind never learns MORE even as his approval rating in the United States is near an all-time low, according to a poll released Monday. 

Pew survey of nearly 50,000 people from 44 countries found 56 percent worldwide have confidence in Obama to do the right thing regarding world affairs. Though that number has held steady from last year, it was 16 points higher when he first took office in 2009. 


While strong overall, in Germany and Brazil confidence in Obama has plummeted 17 points after reports last year that the National Security Agency listened in on the communications of the two countries' leaders. 

Germany's confidence in Obama remains high at 71 percent, but it had been 88 percent in 2013. Similarly in Brazil, confidence in the president fell to 52 percent from 69 percent. 

Separate domestic polling has shown Obama's approval rating — a slightly different measurement — in the United States stands at around 43 percent. Domestically, his approval rating on foreign policy is even lower. 

Sixty-five percent of people around the world continue to have positive feelings about the United States, and 56 percent said the United States respects personal freedoms. 

The percentage of people who believe the United States respects its citizens’ personal freedom, however, declined in 22 of 36 countries polled from last year amid revelations about secret surveillance programs run by the NSA.

Thirty-seven of the 44 countries surveyed said they disapprove of U.S. drone strikes as well. 

Most of those countries surveyed in Europe expressed confidence in Obama. In Asia and Africa, about half of those countries surveyed expressed confidence. 

Only four in nine countries surveyed in South America expressed confidence. Aside from Israel, confidence in Obama was lowest in the Middle East.

Russian confidence in Obama stands at 15 percent, after falling 14 points since last year amid the United States’ decision to sanction some Russian officials amid the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine. 

Confidence in Obama fell by nearly double digits in Japan, Argentina and Mexico as well. 

Fifty-one percent in China now express confidence in Obama after that number spiked 20 points since last year — the most out of any country. 

Israel's confidence in Obama also stands at 71 percent after a 10-point jump.

The poll surveyed 48,643 people around the world from March 17 to June 5.