Russia might ban US chickens, Greek fruit

Russia is considering banning poultry imports from the United States and fruit imports from Greece in a move that could be retaliation for newly imposed Western sanctions.

The country’s food-safety watchdog, the Federal Service for Veterinary Phytosanitary Surveillance, next week will evaluate the possible bans, the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported Thursday.


The agency’s head, Sergey Dankvert, told ITAR-TASS that his team discovered listeria, salmonella, lead and anaerobic microorganisms in U.S. poultry. Dankvert said he will discuss the issue with U.S. officials early next week and possibly impose a ban.

Russia might also ban fruit imports from Greece after fruit moths were found in peaches from that country.

The government has already banned some fruit imports from Moldova; fruits and vegetables from Poland; and milk, dairy and animal products, vegetables and potatoes found in luggage or through the postal service from Ukraine, the report said.

The poultry and Greek fruit review comes after the U.S. and Europe imposed new sanctions against Russia on Tuesday targeting its energy, financial and defense sectors in response to Moscow’s continued support for separatist militias in eastern Ukraine.