Reports: Israel agrees to 72-hour cease-fire

Israel has accepted a new Gaza cease-fire, according to multiple reports.


Egyptian mediators had called on Israel and the Palestinians to commit to a 72-hour truce.

A three-day cease-fire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas ended Friday morning, as both sides resumed rocket fire.

Shortly before the cease-fire was slated to end, Israeli Defense Forces announced two rockets had been fired from Gaza, declaring, "terrorists have violated the cease-fire."

It appeared on Friday as through longer-term peace negotiations in Cairo had stalled. Egypt had negotiated the temporary cease-fire earlier last week with hopes of hashing out a longer-term agreement.

According to reports, Israeli negotiators left Egypt on Friday.

Israeli negotiators reportedly will go to Cairo for further talks on Monday if the new truce holds.

About 1,900 Palestinians and 67 Israeli soldiers have died in the monthlong fighting.

— Mario Trujillo contributed to this report.