Mass. man could be running ISIS social media

A Massachusetts man could be in charge of social media for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to multiple reports.

Ahmad Abousamra, 33, was placed on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list last year. The FBI is offering $50,000 for any information that could lead to his capture or return to the United States.


A senior law enforcement official told ABC News this week Abousamra is responsible for spreading propaganda for ISIS.

He is last believed to have been in Aleppo, Syria. Abousamra is a dual U.S.-Syrian citizen who was born in France in 1981 and grew up in an upscale Boston neighborhood.

Abousamra graduated from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, according to The Boston Globe. He was a computer science major and is fluent in Arabic and English.

His life changed dramatically in 2004 when he traveled to the Middle East with other men who joined al Qaeda in Iraq, ABC News reports. Their goal was to fight and kill Americans in Iraq. 

Abousamra later returned to the U.S. and was questioned by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in 2006, but he fled the country for Syria.

In 2009, he was charged in absentia with terrorism-related offenses. 

The reports come as the U.S. grows concerned about the increasing number of American and Western citizens being recruited by Islamic extremist groups overseas. A U.S. citizen committed a suicide bombing in Syria earlier this summer.