Dempsey 'fearful' Kobani will fall to ISIS

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey said Tuesday that he's "fearful" Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists are about to take over Kobani, a city located in Syria near the Turkey border.

“I am fearful that Kobani will fall,” Dempsey told ABC News’s Martha Raddatz in an interview regarding the terror group.


Administration officials are concerned that if ISIS takes Kobani, it could make inroads into Turkey.

Dempsey told ABC that top military officials in Turkey told him on Tuesday they are prepared should the terrorists from ISIS enter Turkey.

“They've got forces on their side of the border that will prevent ISIL from making any incursions into Turkey,” said Dempsey of the group, also known as ISIL. "But, of course, ISIL is smart enough not to do that.”

Dempsey said the terrorists have become better at hiding themselves from U.S. troops.

“They're becoming more savvy with the use of electronic devices,” he continued. “They don't fly flags and move around in large convoys the way they did. ... They don't establish headquarters that are visible or identifiable.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters earlier Tuesday that the White House was "concerned" about the situation in Kobani and that President Obama sent retired Marine Gen. John Allen to Ankara, Turkey, to meet with high-level Turkish officials.

"There will also be a discussion about what Turkey’s political leadership perceives to be their interest in this region," he said.

"And it is our view that there is a clear interest that Turkey has in working with the international coalition — or international community — to deal with the threat that's posed by ISIL, notwithstanding whatever other political interests they may have there."