Kerry: 'No sunset' for parts of Iran nuke deal

Kerry: 'No sunset' for parts of Iran nuke deal

Secretary of State John KerryJohn Forbes KerryJohn Kerry: Pressley's story 'more American than any mantle this president could ever claim' Schumer to donate Epstein campaign contributions to groups fighting sexual violence Trump threatens Iran with increased sanctions after country exceeds uranium enrichment cap MORE said Thursday that the final deal the United States and five other world leaders are seeking to reach over Iran's nuclear program will include some transparency provisions that will not expire.

"There will be no sunset to the deal that we are working to finalize. No sunset. None," Kerry said in Switzerland after President Obama outlined some of the specifics in the agreed framework.

"The parameters of this agreement will be implemented in phases," Kerry said.


Kerry said the emerging deal will reduce Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent for 15 years, cut its installed centrifuges by more than two-thirds for a decade and extend Iran's breakout time to produce a nuclear weapon from two to three months to one year.

Provisions of the framework rely on different timeframes, such as limiting Iran's one-year breakout time to obtain enough material for a nuclear weapon for the next decade, Iran not enriching uranium past a certain level for the next 15 years and allowing international inspections in the country’s uranium mines for 25 years. 

"But certain provisions, including many transparency measures, will be in place indefinitely into the future. They will never expire," Kerry said.

Kerry cast the political framework announced Thursday as "solid foundation for the good deal we are seeking."

The U.S. and five major world leaders announced they had agreed to the "key parameters of an arrangement that, once implemented, will give the international community confidence that Iran's nuclear program is and will remain exclusively peaceful," Kerry said.

The outline sets the stage for a final round of talks ahead of the June 30 deadline.