Maine Sen. Snowe cheers Canadian court victory in lobster dispute

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) on Thursday applauded a Canadian court's injunction against picketers blocking Maine lobstermen from entering a Canadian seafood processing plant as the dispute over lobster prices threatens the world's largest trade relationship.

The court order bans Canadian lobster trappers, who are protesting low prices due to this year's strong harvest and abundance of soft-shell lobsters, from blocking access to the processing plants. 

“Maine and Canadian trading partners have worked together for generations, and it is time we return to that collaborative relationship,” said Snowe, the top Republican on the Senate fisheries panel. “While we work on building a long-term solution, I am hopeful that the Canadian government will enforce this injunction and provide the resources to ensure that commerce can also return to normal.”

Snowe's office organized a phone call with Gov. Paul LePage (R), Maine's congressional delegation and the U.S. State Department to discuss the situation. On Wednesday, she wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging her to “investigate this situation, raise the issue with your respective counterpart, and make it a priority within our bilateral relations with the Government of Canada to ensure this situation is resolved expeditiously.”