Walker: I'd toss Iran deal on Day 1

Walker: I'd toss Iran deal on Day 1
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Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) said on Sunday that he would immediately end the historic deal over Iran’s nuclear arms research should he become president.

The 2016 White House hopeful added that he believes the agreement threatens world peace.

“It’s a bad deal for us, it’s a bad deal for Israel, it’s a bad deal for the world,” Walker said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”


“It’s not just the starting gun, it will accelerate the nuclear arms race,” he added. “And it is empowering Iran to do what they’re going to do.”

Walker argued that the economic sanctions relief the deal provides allows Tehran to carry out policies that harm U.S. interests.

“Lifting the sanctions [and] giving them credibility in the world not only emboldens the problems we have in terms of their illicit nuclear infrastructure, but this is the leading state sponsor of terrorism,” he said. “This is a direct threat to Israel.”

Walker additionally said that as president he would support reinstating economic sanctions on Iran with or without international support.

“The U.S. putting sanctions would have an impact on others, so they’d have to consider what impact it would have on relations that they do with Iran and the impact it would have on their own economy,” he said.

The Obama administration announced its historic agreement with Tehran on July 14.

It reduces economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for greater restrictions on its atomic energy capabilities.

Iranian leadership has tentatively accepted more frequent nuclear inspections and caps on its centrifuge and uranium stockpiles as part of the accord.