Reopening of Cuban embassy draws 'bloody' protest

Reopening of Cuban embassy draws 'bloody' protest
A man reportedly protesting the Castro regime was taken into police custody Monday after apparently drenching himself in red paint at the reopening of Cuba's embassy in the U.S.
Some members of the media at the scene initially thought the man was drenched in real blood before it became evident it was likely fake blood, according to NBC's Luke Russert. 
The incident came as many flocked to a flag raising over Cuba's embassy in Washington:
Reportedly from Miami, the man said Obama was wrong to deal with Cuban leader Raúl Castro and wore the "blood" of Cuban people, according to the Tampa Bay Times's Alex Leary.
U.S. and Cuban officials officially opened their respective embassies Monday, a major step in restoring diplomatic ties between the countries after more than five decades apart.
Cuban flags were raised outside its newly recognized embassy in Washington and at the State Department, and Secretary of State John Kerry will raise the U.S. flag in Cuba next month.
Both the U.S. and Cuba have had diplomatic missions, which are now being upgraded to embassies, since the 1970s in their respective countries.