Michelle Obama: World's young girls 'hungry to learn'

Michelle Obama: World's young girls 'hungry to learn'
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"This is such a heartbreaking loss, because these girls are so bright and so hungry to learn," Obama wrote in a CNN op-ed on the estimated 62 million girls globally who are not in school. 

"These girls are no less smart or deserving of an education than my own daughters — or any of our sons and daughters," Obama wrote, adding the only distinction is "geography and luck."
The president and first lady launched the Let Girls Learn initiative last year to address issues keeping girls out of school, such as cultural beliefs and physical needs.
The U.S. government's Millennium Challenge Corporation announced this week nearly $100 million to be spent on about 100,000 Moroccan students.
The government also announced $27 million through USAID in funding for new programs in Liberia aimed at at increasing education enrollment and training teachers and administrators.
Obama was expected to return to Washington on Friday evening after a six-day visit to Liberia, Morocco and Spain with her daughters Sasha and Malia to promote girls' education.