Clinton State Department official to head New America Foundation

“Anne-Marie Slaughter is a creative, inspiring thinker who has played a critical role in the institution’s success as a board member, and we are thrilled for her to lead New America in what promises to be an exceptional period for both the institution and society,” David Bradley, chairman of the board’s search committee, said in a statement announcing the hire. “Steve Coll firmly established New America as an innovative policy institute that’s tackling today’s greatest challenges, and she is the right person to build on that foundation.”


Slaughter said she's “loved” the think tank since meeting founder Ted Halstead over a decade ago.

“It is a generator and incubator of big ideas, assembling a community of thinkers and policy entrepreneurs who have the time to look over the political horizon in a way that is rare in Washington,” she said. “On the personal front, leaving the academy for New America will be a new and exciting adventure, allowing me to combine my foreign policy and social policy interests, help build a genuinely 21st century think tank, and combine career and family in a way that works for both.”