House Cuban-Americans press Kerry to keep Cuba on terror list

Cuba should remain on the list, according to Ros-Lehtinen, because it: 

  • supports and collaborates with Iran and Syria, fellow sponsors of terrorism;
  • provides a safe haven for members of terrorist organizations such as the FARC and ETA;
  • offers sanctuary for fugitives from the U.S. (such as cop killer Joanne Chesimard);
  • unjustly holds a U.S. citizen hostage (Alan Gross);
  • ordered the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown resulting in the deaths of U.S. citizens; and
  • continues its active espionage networks that attempt to undermine U.S. interests and poses a risk to our national security.

“The regime in Cuba has not changed,” the letter states. “In 2008, the Bush Administration mistakenly removed North Korea from the state sponsor of terrorism list. Now, the North Korean regime continues to increase tensions in the region putting the lives of our allies and of U.S. citizens in danger. 

“The Cuban regime has deepened ties with other terrorist states and terrorist organizations, actively opposed U.S. interests, provided safe harbor to dangerous fugitives, escalated its brutal campaign of oppression against its own citizens, and refused to release U.S. citizen Alan Gross for more than three years. To award a unilateral concession to the Castro dictatorship would encourage the regime to continue its reprehensible ways at the expense of the Cuban people and America’s interests.”