GOP cheers as State Department kills counternarcotic aid to leftist Bolivia


Brownfield said the program would be progressively closed down.

“It is my intention to close down our section in a reasonable and orderly fashion,” he said. “And I would be stunned were you to see a request in FY 2015 for additional funding to support INL [International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs] activities in Bolivia.”

U.S. relations with Bolivia have steadily deteriorated since Morales first took office on a socialist platform in 2006. The Obama administration has repeatedly faulted the world's third-largest cocaine producer for having “failed demonstrably” to meet its obligations under counternarcotics conventions with the United States. Notably for its alleged failure to make a dent in coca cultivation and for withdrawing from the 1961 United Nations Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which prohibits the production and supply of narcotic drugs.

Bolivia, for its part, has accused the United States of seeking to topple Morales and expelled the U.S. ambassador in 2008. Earlier this month, the country expelled the U.S. Agency for International Development [USAID], accusing it of “political interference” in civil society groups.

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