Trump adviser: If China doesn't like Taiwan call, 'screw 'em'

Trump adviser: If China doesn't like Taiwan call, 'screw 'em'
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An adviser to President-elect Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpMichelle Obama says not always easy to live up to "we go high" Georgia certifies elections results in bitterly fought governor's race Trump defends border deployment amid fresh scrutiny MORE says he doesn’t care if Trump's phone call to Taiwan's president offended China.


"That is a country that we have backed because they believe in freedom," Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore said of Taiwan on the Big John and Ray Show on WLS AM 890, according to CNN. "We oughta back our ally, and if China doesn't like it, screw 'em.”

Trump spoke to President Tsai Ing-wen by phone Friday, becoming the first president or president-elect to do so since Jimmy Carter. The call break years of diplomatic protocol and risks a rift with China. The United States officially recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as the only government of China.

But Trump allies and advisers have defended the call.

"We gotta stand by Taiwan, we see what's happening in China the way they're saber-rattling out there in the East, it's about time we do what Reagan did, we stand up to these bullies, we say we're not gonna let you do this, and we're gonna stand with our allies," Moore said.

"I love the fact that Trump did that. Too many mamby-pamby people in the foreign policy shop are saying 'oh my gosh we can't do this, we might insult the Chinese.' I don't care if we insult the Chinese!" Moore added on the radio show.