Iranian general threatens to give US 'slap in the face'

Iranian general threatens to give US 'slap in the face'
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A commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday warned that the U.S. will “receive a strong slap in the face” if it underestimates Iran's military power.

"The enemy should not be mistaken in its assessments, and it will receive a strong slap in the face if it does make such a mistake," General Mohammad Pakpour said, according to remarks on the group's website, as reported by Reuters. "Everyone could see today what power we have on the ground."

Iranian officials have been warning the U.S. of their country’s military might since initiating a series of ballistic missile tests last month. Tehran claims its tests are for defensive purposes only, but President Trump put Iran “on notice” and vowed a response.

Those remarks angered Iranian officials.


Pakpour's comments came after the Revolutionary Guards showcased their power in a three-day military exercise beginning Monday.

"The message of these exercises ... for world arrogance is not to do anything stupid," Pakpour said.

Another Revolutionary Guards general warned Monday that military action against Iran would turn it into a “graveyard for aggressors,” according to the semi-official Iranian FARS news agency.

“The U.S. statesmen should be very wise and avoid threatening Iran,” the general said.

In response to the ballistic missile tests, the Trump administration issued new sanctions on 13 Iranians and 12 companies.

Trump has vowed to get tougher with Iran, accusing the Obama administration of being weak toward the country.

Iran is one of seven countries covered by Trump's executive order on immigration, which temporarily restricts travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, among other things.

President Trump has also repeatedly called the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers a “bad deal.” Iran and European nations have urged Trump not to break the agreement.