Trump on Russia-Ukraine conflict: 'Let's make peace'

Trump on Russia-Ukraine conflict: 'Let's make peace'
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President Trump on Thursday urged Russia and Ukraine to "make peace" following meetings with foreign ministers from both countries.

The president tweeted photos from his Wednesday meetings in the Oval Office with the directive, "lets make peace!"

"Yesterday, on the same day - I had meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the [Foreign Minister] of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin.#LetsMakePeace!" Trump said.
The commander in chief has long advocated for a peaceful resolution of conflict in Ukraine, urging Russia to uphold its commitment to the Minsk peace agreement.
The White House also previously condemned Russia for its occupation of Crimea, the eastern part of Ukraine, and has suggested that Moscow should return the territory to Ukraine.
The Kremlin, however, has dismissed the possibility of returning the peninsula and has moved forward with a number of infrastructure projects that would further connect Crimea with the Russian mainland.