North Korea fires apparent land-to-ship missiles: report

North Korea fires apparent land-to-ship missiles: report
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North Korea launched multiple land-to-ship missiles early Thursday, Reuters reported, citing South Korea's military.

The missiles were fired from Wonsan on North Korea's east coast. 

Pyongyang has significantly accelerated the pace of its missile tests in recent months. The most recent test came late last month when the North fired a short range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, known in the Korean Peninsula as the East Sea.

The latest launch comes less than a week after the United Nations Security Council passed a new round of sanctions against the North. 

The reclusive regime’s rapid succession of missile tests have prompted heightened tensions with the U.S. and have put allies in the region on high alert, particularly South Korea and Japan. 

Pyongyang has defied international pressure by continuing to develop its missiles and nuclear programs, and has vowed to build a weapon capable of striking the continental U.S. The regime has also threatened attacks on South Korea and Japan, where tens of thousands of U.S. troops are stationed.

According to Reuters, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has been briefed on the matter. The launch followed on the heels of Seoul’s decision to suspend the U.S. deployment of additional THAAD missile defense systems in South Korea.

Moon, who was elected last month, campaigned on a platform of easing tensions with Pyongyang and taking a more cautious approach to his country’s longstanding military alliance with the U.S.


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