Iran's ballistic missile launch was fake: report

Iran's ballistic missile launch was fake: report
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Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch was fake and never took place, U.S. officials told Fox News on Monday.

Iran state television claimed that the nation had successfully fired a missile and aired footage of the launch on Friday, but that video was actually of a launch that took place in January, according to Fox News.

That missile exploded shortly after launch.


President Trump had responded to the launch in a tweet Saturday.

"Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel. They are also working with North Korea," Trump tweeted. "Not much of an agreement we have!" 

The false strike took place as Trump is about to announce whether the U.S. will remain in the Iran nuclear deal. Trump told reporters last week that he had reached a decision on the agreement but wouldn't say what that decision was.

He is reportedly considering decertifying the deal and then leaving the decision on staying up to Congress.