Brain abnormalities found in victims of mysterious Cuba attacks

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Brain abnormalities have been discovered in the victims of the mysterious health attacks on people in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, according to The Associated Press.

Doctors have discovered changes to white matter, which allow the various channels of the brain to communicate, in the brains of the victims. 


The discoveries come after at least 24 U.S. embassy employees were injured in the attacks in Havanna, which reported caused hearing loss, headaches and various other symptoms. 

U.S. officials are stopping short of calling the incidents “sonic attacks” amid the ongoing investigation. 

Some of the diplomats affected reported hearing strange sounds, leading to initial speculation that a covert sonic device was possibly used, though investigators have not found such a device. 

The Trump administration pulled roughly 60 percent of its embassy staff from Havanna earlier this year and has expelled a number of Cuban diplomats from Washington, signaling deteriorating ties between the former Cold War foes.

The U.S. has referred to the attacks as “specific attacks,” but is still trying to determine who — and what — is responsible for them.

Cuba has denied involvement in the attacks.

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