North Korea praises 'openhearted talk' with South

North Korea praises 'openhearted talk' with South
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North Korea offered praise for the “openhearted talk” held Monday in Pyongyang with South Korean envoys, The Associated Press reported, the first bilateral meeting between the neighbors since the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011.

The meeting has been seen as a possible sign that both Koreas are working to improve their relationship, though there is skepticism the communication will lead to enduring peace.

During the dinner, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he has a “firm will to vigorously advance the north-south relations and write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts of our nation to be proud of in the world,” the AP reported.


North Korea has been accused of trying to improve its relationship with South Korea to weaken pressure and sanctions from the U.S.

Although Pyongyang has been adamant that it will not give up its nuclear arsenal, some are hopeful that the recent talks could lead to an agreement over the North’s nuclear weapons or at the very least restart talks over the weapons between the U.S. and North Korea.

The South Korean envoy is scheduled to go to the U.S. after their North Korea visit to brief American officials about the talks.

Relations between the two Koreas eased after North Korea sent athletes to compete in the Winter Olympics hosted by South Korea.