In call with Macron, Rouhani accuses US of breaching Iran nuclear deal

In call with Macron, Rouhani accuses US of breaching Iran nuclear deal
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told French President Emmanuel Macron in a Monday phone call that the U.S. breached the Iran nuclear deal by criticizing it before President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump pushes back on recent polling data, says internal numbers are 'strongest we've had so far' Illinois state lawmaker apologizes for photos depicting mock assassination of Trump Scaramucci assembling team of former Cabinet members to speak out against Trump MORE made a decision about whether to pull out of the deal, CNN reported.

Over a phone call on Sunday, Macron and Rouhani agreed to work to preserve the deal, according to a statement obtained by CNN.

Macron also told Rouhani that further talks were necessary to discuss the areas of the deal that the Trump administration had criticized.

Rouhani said that the conduct of the U.S. breached the plan.

He also told Macron that the Iran deal is not negotiable, according to the Iranian statement obtained by CNN.

According to Rouhani, Trump’s comments about the deal could hurt Iran’s economy and have created “fear and ambiguity for different countries and businesses for their relations with Iran.”

The Iranian president also said that even if the deal were to remain in effect despite Trump’s objections, it would not be acceptable to the Iranian government for matters to carry on “the way it has been going in the past two years,” CNN reported.

Trump has set May 12 as the deadline for the U.S. and Europe to address the issues he has with the deal. May 12 is the day that Trump would be legally required to choose whether to recertify the deal.