Cuba releases information about latest health incident involving US diplomat

Cuba releases information about latest health incident involving US diplomat
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Cuba’s Foreign Ministry said Sunday it learned of the latest health incident involving a U.S. diplomat in the country late last month, but found no evidence of what may have caused the woman’s symptoms. 

The ministry issued a statement with limited new details about the case, in which an employee at the U.S. Embassy reported having “health symptoms” after hearing sounds in her home two days before. 

However, Cuba said it sent investigators to the home after the May 27 incident, but found no potential source of sound and could not meet with the U.S. employee.


“The Ministry of Foreign Relations reiterates that no evidence of the alleged incidents has been presented, and maintains its unwavering commitment to cooperate with U.S. authorities," Cuba said in a statement.

The woman is the latest U.S. envoy in the country to report unusual health problems.

The U.S. on Friday said it pulled two more workers from its embassy in Cuba amid concerns that they may have been affected by the same mysterious health incidents as other employees in Havana, as well as China.

A State Department official said Friday that the two individuals may be new cases, but it has not been "medically confirmed."

The State Department has so far confirmed that 24 people were affected by what officials have said are attacks on U.S. workers in Cuba. The U.S. is also examining new potential cases from a U.S. consulate in China.

The U.S. has sent a medical team to evaluate workers at the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China. The Associated Press reported that out of the approximately 170 American staffers in the consulate, 150 have undergone the examinations.