State Department advises Americans in Haiti to avoid airport amid unrest

State Department advises Americans in Haiti to avoid airport amid unrest
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The State Department on Tuesday warned U.S. citizens to avoid the international airport in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince amid continuing political unrest.

"Due to the security situation, U.S. government personnel continue to shelter in place and U.S. citizens are advised to do the same. If you attempt to go to the airport, exercise extreme caution and only do so if the route is open," reads a travel advisory on the State Department's website.

The department said road blocks and disruptions on roadways have been reported.

"Do not travel to the airport unless you have a confirmed airline ticket. Contact the airline for information on seat availability. Expect large crowds and delays at the airport," it added.

The latest warning was issued after three days of protests largely shut down the country's transportation grid over a government plan to raise fuel prices, NBC News reported.


Official numbers of injured and dead among the protesters have not yet been released, but the network reported "bodies" seen in the largely deserted streets.

According to NBC, volunteer groups from South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Alabama are stuck in the country. A doctor from North Carolina also reported to his family that he and his son arrived at the airport, but that he was unable to leave.

The price of fuel is set to raise by 50 percent in the country, spurred by moves from the International Monetary Fund, and government cuts on food subsidies are also expected.

The State Department added that internet and phone lines have been affected throughout Haiti.

"It may be difficult to reach people through normal communication methods," it said.