French environment minister unexpectedly resigns during live radio interview

French environment minister unexpectedly resigns during live radio interview
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France's environment minister on Tuesday announced his resignation during a live radio interview, citing his opposition to the country's environmental policies.

Nicolas Hulot said on air with French news channel BFM TV that he is disappointed with the government's track record on issues such as pesticides, biodiversity and climate change, CNN reported.


Hulot, a former TV presenter and popular green activist, said he felt "all alone" in the government, according to the BBC.

"I don't want to give the illusion that my position within the government suggested that we are answering these problems properly, so I'm leaving the government," he said. "I no longer want to lie."

The French government on Monday said it is relaxing hunting regulations. Hulot said the decision reminded him of how powerful lobbyists can be, BBC reported.

A spokesman for the French government, Benjamin Griveaux, on Tuesday told BFM TV that the issues Hulot wants to focus on are a "lengthy task."

"I hear his disappointment, but we must give him and the government credit for what has been done over the course of a year," Griveaux said, according to CNN.

"It's a lengthy task: the work on biodiversity, fighting for the environment, energy transition," Griveaux added. "We can't have results in just one year, and Nicolas Hulot knows that. It takes time to change our agricultural system."

Hulot said he had not warned French President Emmanuel Macron or Prime Minister Edouard Philippe that he was planning to resign.

"I hope that my act is not an act of resignation but one of mobilization," Hulot said.

Macron has previously stated that he plans to "make this planet great again," but Hulot's resignation could dampen his image as a leader who prioritizes environmental issues.