Venezuela blasts US over 'intervention plans and support for military conspirators’

Venezuela blasts US over 'intervention plans and support for military conspirators’
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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza blasted the United States over Trump officials’ reported meetings with rebel Venezuelan military officers.

“We denounce the intervention plans and support for military conspirators by the government of the United States against Venezuela,” Arreaza wrote on Twitter on Saturday night. “Even in U.S. media, the crass evidence is coming to light.”

The New York Times reported Saturday that Trump officials met repeatedly with rebel Venezuelan military officers in the last year to discuss their plans for a possible coup to replace President Nicolás Maduro.


The Times reported that Venezuelan military officials had success when they reached out to the Trump White House after the president said last year that the U.S. had a “military option” for Venezuela.

The White House hasn’t confirmed the meetings but said in a statement Saturday to The Hill that "U.S. policy preference for a peaceful, orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged."

"The United States government hears daily the concerns of Venezuelans from all walks of life – be they members of the ruling party, the security services, elements of civil society or from among the millions of citizens forced by the regime to flee abroad. They share one goal: the rebuilding of democracy in their homeland,” National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said in a statement.