John Oliver begs Brazil not to elect 'Trump of the Tropics'

Late-night host John Oliver on Sunday begged Brazilian voters not to elect the right-wing Brazilian presidential candidate nicknamed "Trump of the Tropics."

Oliver on his show "Last Week Tonight" played clips of Jair Bolsonaro, the polarizing Brazilian congressman who advanced late Sunday to a runoff presidential election. 


"Brazil, please, look, I realize that you’re disgusted with your politics at the moment and you’re not inspired by the alternatives, but anything is better than Bolsonaro," Oliver said, with urgency.

"Bolsonaro does not reflect the best of who you are, Brazil, and with any chance, you still have a chance to vote 'Ele não' [not him] and not let that man finger-bang your democracy," he added as he showed an image of Bolsnaro making his hands into the shape of guns, a signature move of his.

Oliver filmed the episode before the final count was in for the first round of Brazil's presidential elections. Bolsonaro won 46.7 percent of the vote while his nearest challenger, former Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad, earned 28.4 percent. 

If Bolsonaro had won 50 percent of the vote, he would have been elected president outright.

The two will now face off in a general election on Oct. 28.

Oliver called Bolsonaro "undemocratic," "sexist" and "homophobic." 

He played a clip of Bolsonaro telling a female congresswoman, "I would never rape you because you’re not worth it," then threatening to "slap" her.  

He also played a series of videos in which Bolsonaro suggested parents beat their gay children and then played a clip showing him saying Brazil's former brutal military dictatorship "did not go far enough."

Oliver highlighted the movement against Bolsonaro that has emerged in recent weeks under the name "Ele Não," or "not him." The movement is made up of mostly women who oppose Bolsonaro's far-right policies and rhetoric.

Multiple left-leaning politicians and critics of Bolsonaro in Brazil have raised alarms about his authoritarian tendencies. He has previously advocated for torture and mass killings.

"Voting for 'not him' is a truly excellent idea," Oliver said.