One killed when caravan members try to enter Mexico: report

One killed when caravan members try to enter Mexico: report
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One man died while trying to cross into Mexico illegally with members of a new immigrant caravan moving towards the U.S., NBC News reports.

Volunteer firefighters told NBC that dozens were injured as they pushed through the Mexican border and that one man was killed from a severe head injury apparently caused by a rubber bullet.

The violence broke out when the second caravan clashed with Guatemalan police as they forced their way through a gate on a bridge from Guatemala across the Mexican border. 

The group then fought with Mexican officers. 


The Mexican ambassador to the U.S., Gerónimo Gutiérrez, said last week that his country would do its best to enforce its borders without violence.

"Mexican government does not condone or promote illegal immigration," Gutiérrez said in an appearance on Fox News.

NBC reports that tensions have also been high in the initial caravan moving across Mexico.

Violence also broke out Saturday night when officials in Oaxaca, Mexico, were reportedly handing out food and water to migrants camped in the city square. 

The municipality's security chief, Raul Medina Melendez, said the town was handing out sustenance while a man with a megaphone asked people to wait their turn.

Some yelled insults at the man, then beat him, according to the security chief, before police rescued the man.

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump on Kanye West's presidential run: 'He is always going to be for us' Marie Yovanovitch on Vindman retirement: He 'deserved better than this. Our country deserved better than this' Trump says Biden has been 'brainwashed': 'He's been taken over by the radical left' MORE has strongly urged the initial caravan to turn back and promised to bar it from illegally entering the U.S.

"Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process," Trump tweeted Monday regarding the caravans. "This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!"

The Department of Defense announced Monday that it will send over 5,200 active duty troops to help enforce the southern border alongside the 2,092 National Guard troops deployed there in April.