State Department warns citizens of anti-gay crackdown in Tanzania

State Department warns citizens of anti-gay crackdown in Tanzania
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The State Department is warning U.S. in Tanzania of a crackdown against gay people in the East African country. 

The State Department said in a notice on its website that citizens should "employ sound security practices" and review their "internet footprint and social media profiles."


"Remove or protect images and language that may run afoul of Tanzanian laws regarding homosexual practices and explicit sexual activity," the notice reads.

The State Department also advised citizens that while Tanzanian authorities are obligated under law to alert the U.S. Embassy if they arrest U.S. citizens, "this is not consistently done."

"Detained or arrested citizens should, therefore, ask authorities if consular notification has been made," the notice reads. 

Paul Makonda, the regional commissioner for the port city of Dar es Salaam, last week announced the creation of a committee to monitor and punish gay individuals in the country. 

"Report them to me," Makonda he said in a television interview, according to NPR. He added that "from next Monday, we start arresting them." 

NPR reported that he also said last week that "being gay is not allowed."

"As we take this stand, do not tell us about human rights," he said. "There is no right to go against creation written on any religious books. Keep your laws. Being gay is not allowed here in Dar es Salaam."