Khashoggi’s sons want father’s body returned

Khashoggi’s sons want father’s body returned
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The sons of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi say they want Saudi authorities to return their father's body so they can have a proper burial and grieving process.

"All we want right now is to bury him in Al-Baqi [cemetery] in Medina [Saudi Arabia] with the rest of his family," Salah Khashoggi told CNN. "I talked about that with the Saudi authorities and I just hope that it happens soon."


Salah Khashoggi made the comments as part of an interview on CNN with his brother Abdullah Khashoggi in which they also praised their father and said he has been misrepresented since his death.

Their pleas for Saudi authorities to return Jamal Khashoggi's body come after a Turkish prosecutor said last week that The Washington Post columnist was dismembered after being murdered inside the Saudi consulate last month.

The killing of Khashoggi has resulted in international calls for punishment against the Saudi kingdom, although Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has denied advance knowledge of the killing. 

Abdullah Khashoggi told CNN that he hopes his father had a "peaceful death."

"I really hope that whatever happened wasn't painful for him, or it was quick. Or he had a peaceful death," he said.

The two sons also told CNN that their father was a "moderate person" who has been misrepresented in the media since his death.

"I see a lot of people coming out right now and trying to claim his legacy and unfortunately some of them are using that in a political way that we totally don't agree with," Salah Khashoggi said.

"Public opinion is important ... but my fear is that it's being over-politicized. People are throwing analysis that may direct us away from the truth."

Salah Khashoggi said his father "was never a dissident," a term he said has too often been used to describe Khashoggi in news reports.

He added that his father "believed in the monarchy" of Saudi Arabia.

"Jamal was never a dissident. He believed in the monarchy that it is the thing that is keeping the country together. And he believed in the transformation that it is going through," he said.