ISIS supporter sentenced to 38 years in Australia

An Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) supporter in Australia was sentenced to 38 years in prison after he was found guilty of helping a 15-year-old shoot a police accountant. 

Milad Atai, 22, had pleaded guilty to encouraging the Iranian-born Farhad Jabar to shoot police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney in October 2015, according to The Associated Press. He was sentenced to 28 years and six months before he can seek parole. 


A state Supreme Court judge in New South Wales, Justice Peter Johnson, said Atai is an extremist who appears to still support the Islamic State. Atai gave the salute associated with ISIS towards the judge as he left the courtroom, the AP reported.

Atai's arrest comes two weeks after another man with ISIS ties fatally stabbed one man and injured two others in Melbourne.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pushing legislation that would revoke Australian citizenship from any dual national convicted of terrorism. Morrison wants the legislation to be passed before Dec. 6, when the Parliament goes into recess.

"If they are in a position not to be deported, they will remain in immigration detention," Morrison said on television, according to the AP. "Their citizenship should go if you commit a terrorist act in Australia."

Some in Australia have expressed caution, calling Morrison's proposal overly extreme. Chief prosecutors in every Australian state signed onto a letter saying the legislation should be handled with delicacy, raising concerns that it could leave people stateless or detained indefinitely.