EU lawmaker responds to delayed Brexit vote: 'There will be no other deal'

A key member of the European Parliament's Brexit team said Monday that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to delay a vote on leaving the European Union will not lead to a renegotiation of a new deal.

Green MEP Philippe Lamberts told The Associated Press that May's Brexit strategy, which recently involved delaying a vote in the House of Commons, has turned into "a game of hide and seek."


"We are fully behind negotiator Michel Barnier but he has been very clear: If you want Brexit, the deal is on the table and there will be no other deal," Lamberts said.

Barnier is the European Union's chief negotiator on the Brexit matter.

May announced on Monday that she will delay a Brexit vote, initially scheduled for Tuesday, on the withdrawal deal she negotiated with the EU.

May's deal has been roundly criticized, particularly from conservatives in the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage, who has been a strong advocate for Brexit, called May's agreement "the worst deal in history."