Poll: Britons would vote against Brexit in second referendum

Britons would vote against Brexit in a second referendum if it were held immediately, according to a new YouGov poll commissioned by an organization pushing for a new referendum. 

The poll, commissioned by People's Vote, found that 46 percent of Britons would vote to remain in the European Union (EU) and 39 percent would vote to leave if a referendum were held right now. The rest of those surveyed said they weren't sure, wouldn't vote or declined to answer the question, Reuters reported

The YouGov poll found that the vote was 54 to 46 in favor of remaining in the EU when those who declined to answer were removed from the sample, according to Reuters. 


The poll results emerge as British Prime Minister Theresa May on BBC vowed that a vote on her polarizing Brexit deal will "definitely" happen next week. The British Parliament is set to vote on the deal for Great Britain to leave the European Union either Jan. 14 or 15, according to BBC. 

The Brexit deal, which has been agreed upon by May and EU leaders, has to pass the British Parliament before it is adopted.

"If the deal is not voted on, then we are going to be in uncharted territory," May told BBC on Sunday. "I don't think anyone can say what will happen in terms of the reaction we see in Parliament." 

The UK is set to leave the EU in March, but negotiations have been fraught, with multiple officials and lawmakers resigning or coming out strongly against the deal as it moves through negotiations.

Other polls in recent months have found that slightly more people would vote against Brexit than vote for it if a second referendum were held.

The YouGov poll surveyed more than 25,000 voters, according to Reuters.