German police say video footage contradicts far-right politician’s account of attack

German authorities now say that video footage appears to contradict some claims made by far-right politician Frank Magnitz about a Monday night attack that left him hospitalized.

Magnitz, a lawmaker with Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, was hospitalized Tuesday after being reportedly attacked by at least three people in the city of Bremen.

AfD leaders said that Magnitz was beaten with lumber, knocked to the ground and kicked until he was unconscious and called the attack “clearly” an assassination attempt.


But police said that closed-circuit TV footage shows no evidence that Magnitz was kicked or beaten while on the ground, according to The Guardian.

“Recordings secured at the scene show two people who approached the 66-year-old from behind, while a third walked some distance behind,” a Bremen police spokeswoman told The Guardian. “One of the unknown people hit the man causing him to topple over” before the three people fled the scene.

The police spokeswoman added that “the use of an attack object cannot be detected” in video viewed by police so far, and that Magnitz likely lost consciousness due to the impact of his head on the ground.

Authorities are still investigating and have described the attack as “politically motivated.”

German lawmakers across the political spectrum condemned the attack, with left-leaning Foreign Minister Heiko Maas saying there is “no justification” for the use of violence as “a means of political confrontation — no matter against whom or what the motives are.”