Two dead, several injured after gas leak causes explosion in Paris

Two dead, several injured after gas leak causes explosion in Paris
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Two people are dead and more are injured after a gas leak in Paris caused an explosion early Saturday morning, according to French authorities.

CNN reported that the blast occurred around 9 a.m. local time as firefighters were responding to reports of the leak at a bakery in central Paris.

Two firefighters were killed while responding to the explosion and 10 were "seriously injured," according to France's interior ministry. Thirty-seven are "in a state of relative emergency," French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner tweeted.


"At this hour, 2 firefighters from the Paris fire brigade are dead. 10 people are seriously injured, including a firefighter. 37 people are in a state of relative emergency," Castaner wrote on Twitter, expressing condolences for the families of the victims.

"Profound sadness. Standing by the families of victims. The nation shares in their pain," he added.

Photos of the scene reported by CNN show charred and overturned cars amid the rubble of the French bakery.

French prosecutor Rémy Heitz told reporters that the explosion appeared to be accidental, but that an investigation into its cause would be launched.

"At this stage, we can tell the origin of the explosion is accidental, a gas leak, but we should remain prudent as an ongoing investigation will determine the causes of this," he said.