Britain’s Labour Party calls for 'frank debate' on UK Brexit plan

Britain’s Labour Party calls for 'frank debate' on UK Brexit plan
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The United Kingdom's Labour Party is calling for a new debate on the U.K.'s future after Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan was soundly defeated in Parliament this week.

A Labour Party spokesman delivered a speech Saturday arguing that the U.K. should not rule out holding a second referendum on whether to leave the European Union, The Associated Press reports.

Britain should have an “open and frank debate” on leaving the EU, Labour Party Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said, according to the AP. The UK has been set to leave the EU on March 29.

The Labour Party's leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote to May on Friday night urging her to guarantee that the British government will not proceed with a "no deal" Brexit if the country reaches the March 29 deadline without an agreement on issues such as economic barriers and freedom of movement.

"[M]eaningful dialogue or negotiations require acknowledgement that your government's deal has been decisively rejected," Corbyn wrote, adding: "The government must be open to other options that can win support in Parliament."

May faced an unsuccessful no-confidence vote this week from her fellow MPs after her government's plan for exiting the EU failed by hundreds of votes in Parliament. She has pledged to find new solutions to the Brexit dispute.

"We must find solutions that are negotiable and command sufficient support in this House," she said after her victory, according to the BBC.

"The government must remove clearly, once and for all, the prospect of the catastrophe of a no deal exit from the EU and all the chaos that would come as a result of that," Corbyn responded at the time.