Venezuelan security forces put down revolt by soldiers

Venezuelan security forces put down revolt by soldiers
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Venezuelan security forces ended an uprising by national guardsmen on Monday, The Associated Press reported

A small group of guardsmen took a police captain captive at a station in western Caracas, and then used two military trucks to steal weapons from another outpost in the neighborhood of Petare, according to the AP. 


They were caught a few hours later, the news service reported, about two miles from the presidential palace.

The military said it recovered all the weapons and captured those involved, calling the uprising "treasonous" and motivated by "obscure interests tied to the far right," according to the AP.

A group of the guardsmen also reportedly posted videos on social media saying they won't recognize the government of President Nicolas Maduro, and urged him to leave power. 

Maduro recently began his second term, which the country's Congress considers to be illegitimate.

Venezuela's defense minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, said those responsible would be punished with the full force of the law, according to the AP.