UK parliament rejects move to postpone Brexit

UK parliament rejects move to postpone Brexit
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Members of parliament in the United Kingdom voted Tuesday to reject an amendment that would have allowed lawmakers to delay Brexit should they not be able to ratify a deal by the end of the month.

Sky News reported that members voted 321-298 against a proposal from Labour Party member Yvette Cooper. The amendment would have required that the government allow time for a bill to postpone the U.K.'s departure from the European Union by nine months.

Cooper said the amendment would "make sure there is a safety net" in the event lawmakers are unable to reach a deal by the March 29 deadline, Sky News reported.


The rejection of Cooper's proposal came on a day when lawmakers weighed a variety of potential amendments to Brexit plans. Prime Minister Theresa May has urged parliament to support an amendment that would allow her to re-open negotiations with the EU.

The lower house in U.K. Parliament, the House of Commons, voted earlier this month 432-202 to reject May's proposed Brexit deal. The overwhelming defeat prompted critics of Brexit to call for a new referendum.

May said following the vote that she was against holding a second referendum, arguing that it would threaten “social cohesion” in Britain.

Voters said in a 2016 referendum that they wanted to leave the continental body.