Israeli military begins strikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli military begins strikes on Gaza Strip
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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) began a series of strikes on the Gaza Strip Thursday after saying that two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from the area.

"We have just started striking terror sites in Gaza," the IDF tweeted. "Details to follow." 

The Israeli military said earlier Thursday that two rockets were launched from the Gaza area at Tel Aviv. No injuries have been reported.


No actors have claimed responsibility for the rockets yet.

Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with security officials shortly after the alleged attack.

Targeted strikes, even if they are retaliatory in nature, would mark an escalation of recent tensions.

Hostility between Israelis and Palestinians have flared up in the last year after several Palestinian protests near Israel’s border fence were met with lethal responses from the IDF.

Strikes are frequent from actors on both sides of the border.