12 people charged in connection with pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong

12 people charged in connection with pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong
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A dozen people were reportedly arrested following a pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong that preceded demonstrators breaking into the city's legislative assembly building.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that 11 men and one woman face charges including possession of weapons, assault of a police officer and unlawful assembly.

None those arrested are suspected of being involved in the storming of the legislature on Monday, police said, according to the news service.


Law enforcement sources told the AP that those arrested had been involved in rushing a police barricade during a morning flag-raising event.

Following the Monday morning protest, hundreds of people swarmed the government building, spray-painting anti-communist and anti-China slogans on the walls.

Monday's protests marked the 22nd anniversary of the city's return to Chinese control following decades of rule as a British colony.

A spokesperson for China's foreign ministry on Tuesday denounced the protests, calling the demonstrators "violent criminals."

“The violent attacks ... are serious illegal acts that trample on the rule of law and endanger social order. We strongly condemn it,” spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters.

Foreign countries, he added, “must not support any violent criminals in any form, and not send any misleading signals or take any erroneous actions.”