Germany makes its biggest drug bust ever

Germany makes its biggest drug bust ever
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German authorities on Friday announced the seizure of more than $1.1 billion worth of cocaine found onboard a ship from South America.

The seizure, the largest in German history, represented nearly 5 tons of cocaine in total and was found on a ship bound for the city of Antwerp in Belgium and originally hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay, Reuters reported.


The ship's manifest reportedly claimed it was carrying soybeans, but inspectors instead found 221 black duffel bags full of drugs.

"This enormous amount represents the largest single seizure of cocaine in Germany," the Hamburg Customs Office said, according to Reuters. “The confiscated cocaine was destroyed under strict and extensive security measures."

Customs officials added in a statement to the news service that they were investigating the intended destination of the drugs to determine the buyer's identity.

South America represents the largest supplier of cocaine and some other illicit drugs in Europe, and customs officials regularly seize large shipments bound for various European ports.

Video released by the U.S. Coast Guard last month showed service members detaining a submarine carrying $232 million worth of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean. The drugs were reportedly seized as part of a larger mission that included more than a dozen busts along the coasts of Central America, Mexico and South America, according to the Coast Guard.