UK experiences massive power outage

UK experiences massive power outage
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Parts of England and Wales experienced a major power outage during Friday's evening rush hour that left commuters stranded and officials demanding answers.

The nine-hour disruption left commuters stuck on trains and others locked in gridlock traffic due to nonworking traffic signals, according to The Guardian.


Rail services were still not reportedly fully restored Saturday morning, though power had been restored to about 1 million customers, the newspaper reported.

A spokesman for the National Grid told the BBC 4 radio program that the outage was an "incredibly rare event."

“The root cause of yesterday’s issue was not with our system but was a rare and unusual event, the almost simultaneous loss of two large generators, one gas and one offshore wind, at 4.54pm. We are still working with the generators to understand what caused the generation to be lost," a spokesperson added in a statement to The Guardian.

Nick King, a spokesman for Network Rail which manages most of Britain's railways, told the newspaper that a "major systems failure" had struck the network as a result of the power outage, causing delays to continue into Saturday.

“Unfortunately one particular fleet of trains had a major systems failure as a result of the National Grid failure,” the spokesman said. “Many of these trains were unable to restart on their own and had to be attended by an engineer and this caused significant disruption across parts of the network."

“We worked flat out with train operator colleagues and the British Transport police to safely get passengers off impacted trains," he added.