Death toll passes 100 amid unrest in Iraq

Death toll passes 100 amid unrest in Iraq
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The death toll has now passed 100 amid six days of unrest in Iraq, Reuters reported Sunday.

Another 6,000 have been wounded in the clashes between Iraqi security forces and anti-government protesters.


The protests, which do not appear to be organized by a single political group, come amid rampant corruption, crumbling infrastructure and scarce job opportunities.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said Sunday that 104 are dead and 6,107 have been hurt, including more than 1,000 police and security forces, according to Reuters.

At an emergency cabinet Saturday night, the government agreed a 17-point plan to boost housing for the poor, create stipends for the unemployed and give small loans to unemployed youth.

Details of the plan were disseminated on social media, but there was an internet outage across most of the country which reportedly stopped them from being shared widely.