Italy reports 683 deaths, 5,000 new coronavirus cases in one day

Italy reports 683 deaths, 5,000 new coronavirus cases in one day
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Italian authorities reported 683 new deaths related to the coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday and a total of 7,503 new cases, a short drop from Tuesday's spike in deaths but higher than several previous days' totals.

The country's Civil Protection Agency now lists the total number of confirmed coronavirus infections at 74,386, with 1,000 Italians reporting that they had recovered from the disease since Tuesday, according to the Johns Hopkins tracking map. The day before, 743 deaths were reported.

Reuters reported Wednesday that Angelo Borrelli, head of the Civil Protection Agency, has exhibited fever symptoms and is himself awaiting test results for a possible coronavirus infection. He was absent from a daily news conference on Wednesday, according to the news service.


Italy remains the country hardest-hit by the virus in Europe, with Spain following at 47,000 confirmed cases and 3,434 confirmed deaths. The two countries have both outpaced China, thought to be where the outbreak began, in numbers of deaths from the disease, though China still ranks No. 1 in total number of confirmed cases.

Some 3,489 Italians remained in intensive care units on Wednesday, according to Reuters, as hospitals have struggled to accept an overwhelming influx of patients.

“If a patient has a low likelihood to benefit from the hospital, we have to not accept them. You send them home.” Dr. Marco Metra, chief of cardiology at the University and City Hospitals in Brescia, told The New York Times. “This is also what I am seeing every day.”