UK reports largest one-day death toll since beginning of coronavirus

UK reports largest one-day death toll since beginning of coronavirus
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The U.K. on Tuesday reported its highest death toll from coronavirus in a 24-hour period since the beginning of the outbreak, recording 786 deaths on Monday.

Official figures released by the British government Tuesday put the total number of confirmed cases at 55,242. A total of 6,159 people hospitalized with the virus have died, up from 5,373 the previous day.

The U.K., after initially implementing some of the least strict social distancing measures against the pandemic, has since imposed a stringent lockdown ordering residents to remain in their homes except to travel to and from essential jobs, do essential shopping and engage in one form of exercise daily.


As of Tuesday morning, 266,694 tests have been performed, including 14,006 on Monday. A total of 213,181 people have been tested, some more than once, according to the U.K.’s Department of Health and Social Care.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who tested positive for the virus in March, was hospitalized over the weekend and later moved to intensive care, although his condition has reportedly since stabilized.

Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday made a rare public address from Windsor Castle urging the public to keep its spirits up, praising the country’s National Health Service and adding  “Those who come after us will say that the Britons of this generation were as strong as any.”